Erin Everett Adam Laufer weather worker
Erin and Adam at the Asheville Weather Workers’ Traditional Weather Harvest Festival in October 2018

Welcome to Seeds of Tradition!

Adam Laufer is a quiapequiz in the Nahua lineage of people who work with weather on the behalf of their villages.
His wife, Erin Everett, is a quiatlzques, a woman who works with weather in the same tradition. Other names for people on this path are “granicero” and “tiempero” (Spanish) and “weather worker.”
Together, they join with others of their tradition in the Asheville NC USA area to offer a celebration of weather and the bountiful harvest at their Traditional Weather Harvest Festival. This is a time, usually in October, when people from all walks of life from the Asheville and western NC area can join together to give thanks in a timeless and always-relevant way.
All year, they work for beneficial weather for the area north of Asheville. They do this in a way involving gratitude and giving back, elements in a universal language of ceremony that has its echoes in all authentic traditions of human beings relating with the living, aware world around us. Erin also leads The Stories Trees Tell, a free quarterly event hosted by the Dogwood Alliance.
To learn more about them, their work and their teachers, don Lucio Campos and don David Wiley, please visit https://ashevilleweatherworkers.org
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